My Partner Cheated Me – Why?

This is one of the most common and frequent questions that has made me write this post. Whether its men or women, this is one of the most repeated questions as I have seen on yahoo answers and other social networking sites and the spouses asking that what should they do now that their partner has stabbed them in the back and if they should go for a divorce or a breakup?

You can call me a little too liberal but the next thing I ask the injured party is that if they know why their partners cheated? In many cases, I come to know that the complaining husband and wife either had no time for their spouse or they were too busy in their respective lives to give attention or love to their partners which gave them incentive in form of time and reason to cheat. It simple –  if you don’t give your spouse the love, care and attention they crave from you, they will turn to somebody else, as wrong as it might be!

The most common reason that wives or women give for cheating on their husbands and partners is that first of all they are never home and even if they are home, they find the TV more attractive than their wives which leads to their cheating be it talking to other men or sleeping with them.

Here are some of the most common reasons why men and women cheat: 

  • Their partners fail to give them time and support when they need it
  • Their parents are never there to be with them and enjoy life
  • Their partners, even if they are at home, do not care for them enough to spend quality time and give proper attention to house life or children
  • Their partners take them for granted and think that no matter how they are treated, they will take it and be content
  • Their partners abuse them and let them believe that they are incompetent or unlovable due to which they seek other partners to assure themselves

These might not be all or the complete reasons why people cheat, but the above mentioned list is based on some of the most common reasons given for cheating.

While some men and women have a streak of meanness in them which provokes them to cheat, such people are very few. In my experience as a divorce attorney, I have seen that people turn to others, friends or even total strangers to cheat as they are fed up with their daily life situation and find comfort in others’ arms. When asked, they say that they feel as if their partners have stooped caring for them and were not there when they needed them.

Thus, if your partner has cheated, I would suggest that before anything else; see where you failed in your relationship as it was you who actually prompted them to cheat when you failed to give them the time, love and attention they needed from you! Don’t take too much time in realizing your mistake as it can cost you a relationship and a loving life partner!

My Partner Cheated Me – What Do I Do Now?


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